Recording: I began working as a producer shortly after being hired as an engineer at HeadPop, Inc—an Arizona recording studio and production company. Since 2004 I've been involved with over 550 projects that have ranged from sound design, voiceover recording, music composition, albums, mixing, editing and producing.

Mixing and Editing: My primary production environment is Pro Tools. I consider myself a bit of an expert at this point due to the fact that I've been using it for over 12 years and because I received roughly three years of excellent hands-on training from Scott Seymann, a fine engineer and Pro Tools instructor. With regard to the production process, mixing and editing are my strong points. I have developed a process that works to sculpt mixes that are tall, deep, wide and professional.

Producing: Sometimes it's hard to get a firm definition of the producer's role on the independent level. This is especially true when wearing multiple hats. Whenever an outside producer isn't involved in a project, I accept a portion of the producer's responsibilities. From my personal experience, less than 1% of truly independent artists hire a producer to guide their project. Because of this I offer whatever advice my experience allows.


While I've worked with many genres over the years, I prefer electronic, alt rock, industrial and indie projects (and their offshoots). That's not to say that I'm unwilling to work outside of these genres but you're better off working with a producer that really enjoys the kind of music you're creating and recording together. I'm interested in anything exceptional but most interested in producing rock, electronic and indie music.