Expressive, cinematic music: is the official website of composer and producer Rob Knife (aka myself). The primary purpose of this site is to begin a dialogue relating to music for your visually stunning film, television series, pilot or video game. A secondary, but not-unimportant, intention of this site is to demonstrate the musicality, quality, history and style of the material that I've produced for myself and other artists over the past several years.

Composer & Producer

As a composer: I've written music in a number of styles for film, television and games (not to mention radio jingles, logo stingers and ad campaigns). With regard to genre, I excel in cinematic electronic music with orchestral, industrial and rock influences. If your visual media project needs music and is action/adventure, suspense/thriller, drama, sci-fi, fantasy or something along those lines... I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

As a producer: Over the past several years, I've logged thousands of hours of studio time recording, mixing, editing and producing for all kinds of musicians and genres. I know Pro Tools extremely well. I love MIDI, synths, soft synths, samplers, guitars, drums, recording, etc. In addition to the technology and tools, I have an excellent understanding of what goes into a successful piece of music. With that being said, I stand by professional results that allow you to compete in the commercial music market.