A focus on visual media: For the past several years I've been writing songs and music for various professional projects. This has included a bit of everything—from feature films to albums to game themes. The projects that stand out as the most rewarding include writing for visual media. Music has the ability to enhance the impact of imagery and I find work for visual media to be the most challenging and enjoyable.

Film, Television & Games

Feature films: Recently I wrote songs for a Clive Barker film soundtrack (The Midnight Meat Train, released by Lakeshore Records). The experience was a blast and it solidified my focus on writing music for films. I am actively pursuing similar work for action/adventure, suspense/thriller, drama, sci-fi and fantasy projects. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss your project.

Television: In 2005 I was hired to write music for Fox Sports Net Arizona. Since then I've written several original songs for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Coyotes television broadcasts. I currently have a non-exclusive music composition contract with Fox Cable Group through the end of 2010.

Game themes: While working at an Arizona recording studio in 2004, I was hired to produce audio for high-profile casino games. This quickly lead to writing music cues for special events and eventually original themes and variations for new games. To date I've written music and created sounds for dozens of titles for a couple of the largest gaming companies in the world. I currently do regular audio work for Bally Technologies.