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Summary: The work of composer and producer Rob Knife is best described as layered, emotive and refined (with a bit of guitar-amped distortion thrown in for good measure). While being a versatile and active composer, songwriter and producer over the past several years, he is beginning to build momentum writing music for visual media.

Career: Rob's professional career in the arts began in 1998 at the age of 19. However, it wasn't music that wet his feet professionally. It was art and design. He taught himself Photoshop as a teenager and began designing newspaper ads for his father's computer store. The experience and effort paid off and in 1999 Rob was offered a graphic design position at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

While the Alaskan design position was enjoyable and challenging, Rob was interested in something greater. His attention was focused on a career in multimedia and music and not simply with art and graphic design. In late 2000 he set off to Phoenix, Arizona where opportunity would be greater than Alaska offered. Besides, it was close enough to Los Angeles if things went that way.

Rob quickly found several creative freelance gigs in Arizona. In 2002 he landed another graphic design position—this time creating print ads for a national advertising agency in Phoenix. Once again, the work was gratifying but not exactly "multimedia" and especially not music. Creative yes, but not quite right.

In 2004, after weeding out dozens of smoky recording studios in the Phoenix area, Rob eventually was hired as a recording engineer at HeadPop Creative Digital Recording in Chandler, AZ. For the next three years he would go on to work on hundreds of high-profile projects ranging from recording, mixing, editing and composing. He worked closely with owner, engineer, composer and Pro Tools instructor Scott Seymann.

All good things come to an end and in late 2006 HeadPop's studio was sold to a new owner. Not wanting to work under the new direction of the studio, Rob branched out on his own. This leads us to today.

Current: Rob Knife works as a composer and producer for a variety of projects. He enjoys a non-exclusive long-term contract with Fox Cable Group that allows him to write music for television broadcasts that air hundreds of times per year. He also does regular audio work for Bally Technologies, one of the largest gaming companies in the world. In addition to the television and game work, Rob recently wrote music for a feature film created by the legendary Clive Barker. Rob is actively seeking film, television and video game underscore work when he's not busy writing, playing piano or spending time with his Siberian husky, Saydee.